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There are no borders between ideas and IT

We believe in a borderless world when it comes to technology. For us, more than business model, Nearshore is an opportunity to connect and create.
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Inspiring people around the globe

Our passion for technology has driven us around the world working and learning from other cultures and improving our working methods. Based in Lisbon, one of the proven best places in the world for nearshoring, we’re passionate about creating and innovating technological solutions.

Why get inspired

We are passionate about technology and innovation. We value teamwork and build long-term relationships to provide the best experience and project. Our international experience in Europe, Asia and South America has made us improve our methodologies and processes.
Portugal is listed as the 4th best nearshore country in the worldAccording to Google Trends, 2019

Our nearshore experience

By offering an agile operating model through a 7-step process, we ensure quality, sync between teams and established processes from 0 to delivery with proven case studies.
Process Cloud
Phone and Cards
Get to know the clients needs
Detailed analysis of the business area
Propose viable solutions
Client Feedback
Implementation upon client satisfaction
Build a Team
Build a team with specialized professionals
Project Start
Project kick off once the proposal is accepted
Delivery and Follow up throughout the process
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Let's make IT work

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